This could help me--and everyone with Duchenne

Your donation will be DOUBLED. Now is the moment to give.

I have been living with Duchenne for 24 years. In all that time, I have never let my diagnosis define who I am. I have never given up hope—for myself and for every person with Duchenne.

Now, after months of waiting, our community received our first FDA approval. At the same time, new techniques in gene therapy have been shown to have incredible promise in our fight to end Duchenne.

Join me today to seize this incredible moment. Donate to PPMD and your gift will be doubled by my friends, the Killians, until we have raised $250,000 to fund CRISPR/Cas9 research. But we have to hit this goal by 12/31!

At my age, there aren’t many disease modifying therapies on the horizon that could benefit me. But CRISPR/Cas9 could enable a one-time, permanent alteration of DNA that would stop the progression of Duchenne for me—and for everyone living with Duchenne.

With a goal as big as $250,000—and a research project as important as CRISPR/Cas9—every single gift from $50 to $5,000 is important. Join my family and make the most of this moment. Donate what you can and your gift will be doubled!

As a member of PPMD’s Adult Advisory Committee, I’ve seen the impact every member of this community can have. The value of every voice, every contribution, was on display throughout our effort to bring the first Duchenne drug to market. And I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish, together, to advance gene therapy.

This is our moment. Today is our day. Donate now to keep this momentum going. Only by investing in therapies like CRISPR/Cas9 will we find out just how much they can do.

I believe in the potential of gene therapy. Together with PPMD, I know we will end Duchenne. Thank you for everything you do to help end Duchenne for your loved ones, for me—and for this community.


Ben Dupree

P.S. The end of the year is almost here. The Killian family will double every gift until we have raised $250,000 for CRISPR/Cas9 research—but we have to reach this goal by 12/31! Seize this moment and donate now!

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