i got a call yesterday from the double h ranch where my boys are at camp for the week. it seems that one of the councelors in max's cabin has the flu. not only does that guy have it, but several councelors do. when i called the nurse she informed me that all campers exposed had already begun tamiflu as a precaution. YIKES! i think that was the right choice, and my doctor agrees, but when i read the potential side effects, and some previous posts on here i got a bit freaked out. i hope all is well, i hope they are still having fun despite the illness, and i hope the tamiflu doesn't do more harm than good. i hope i did the right thing in letting them go to camp... i will see them at their talent show tomorrow, only then will i stop holding my breath.

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Comment by jenn on August 3, 2009 at 9:55am
Laurie, i am glad sam was ok, i hope your daughtor didn't get too sick from it either! the camp ended up putting both boys on the tamiflu as a precaution, austin had a stomache ache the day we brought him home, but he has been fine since. max has been fine, but they both hate the taste of it. i am in a panic now because two of my husband's employees have been sick with some kind of flu, do you know if kids are ok once they take tamiflu, or do they have to take it after each exposure? i hate illness!
Comment by Laurie Paschal on July 31, 2009 at 11:38am
My daughter just got over H1N1. She got while at Girl Scout camp. Sam was probably never exposed to it, but Dr. Wong still had us give him Tamiflu. We were also able to keep Sam at his great-grandmothers while Abigail recovered and until she was over 48 hours fever free. Sam hasn't show any side effects from the Tamiflu. He and I are both still taking it. It made me a little drowsy the first few days, but now I don't feel anything from it. I hope Max fares as well as Sam has.


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