Hello everyone; I haven't blogged on here since the new web site as life has not stopped or slowed down for us. I have a son Casey who's birthday is today and he is 21 and has Duchenne MD. He recently was diagnosed with Blastomycosis which is a fungal disease that was growing in his left lung. We came close to losing him as diagnosing Blasto is not an easy task. It tends to present itself as lots of other illnesses and for many by the time it is discovered it is too late. Once again we were fortunate that Casey only had Blasto in one lung and only a moderate case but with the Duchenne MD we were had prepared ourselves for the worst. Casey is now in his 5th month of recovery and still has a way to go before he is back in his chair and able to return to college. If anyone would like to know more about our story or has a similar story as ours please contact me at rrgould@drytel.net

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