Doug might be moving into a block funded house with three other people requiring high level support. They offered it to him finally last October and at the time there was space for 2 verbal people, including himself. This is "cripple nirvana" according to Doug, the kind of house one can only dream of right in the cultural centre of town, next door to one place he volunteers. But there was always a problem, nobody to wake up to him at night. They want him to trial this house, since I shook up via a politician the injustice of there being places that are not filled by youth wanting to try independent living.Doug wants to give me a break too and try it out, but there is still nobody to wake up to him and secondly they have moved a third non-verbal person into the house since first offering him a place. He's 24, volunteering in the community, studying to be a marriage celebrant, doing amateur theatre, writing plays, going out with mates once or twice a month maybe so I know he will be busy, but it seems like an institution to me and not independent living. I really would like him to stay home but we he can't get any individual funding from DSQ to help beyond 7 hours a week. We subsidize another 10 hours a week approximately for him to access the community and for three showers a week. Because we are not on welfare (I work 3 days a week) and I only have one disabled dependent, I don't think anything is going to change soon. We really need some creative solutions so Doug can be independent and I can have more help. Any ideas from beyond the big blue?

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