I am new to the site but I waswondering if anyone has an opinion on Duchene boys seeing psychologists?


My little guy is spending more time in bed watching TV and less time doing other activities. He is still ambulatory but he refuses to stretch and do his excersising. He is no longer able to pedal his "Tryker" bike which kept him moving with the crowd of teens on our street. I am afraid he is going to isolate himself.


This is too depressing...

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Comment by Grace Marks on December 16, 2011 at 12:09am

My son Jake had been to a psychologist for awhile when we first had a dx when he was 5. He saw this therapist for 2-3 yrs, but we didn't feel like much was happening. I know that with child psychology, the therapist has to develop a relationship with that person. This can take awhile. My son is rather introverted. Computer oriented. Has your son been to a camp? like the MDA camp or a DMD camp? For some kids they can develop friendships that can last. At the very least the kids get to be around others with similar challenges. Meet ups in your area might help too for you and your son. We got in touch with other families through the MDA in our area. Plus another thing: we showed the bop? dvd that explains DMD in lay language to my son's class. This really helped his class mates to be more empathetic to Jake's demise. If your son is already in middle or high school, the dvd probably wouldn't be appropriate due to all the different classes. I think depression is inevitable as this is a tough road for our sons. But distraction from our selves doing out of home activities should help some. Thank goodness for this site for all of us parents. I hope I encouraged you a bit. Love to chat more ; )

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