PPMD Designates Yale New Haven Children's Hospital a Certified Duchenne Care Center

Yale New Haven Children's Hospital's Muscular Dystrophy Program became the 13th clinic named a Certified Duchenne Care Center by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD). PPMD's Certified Duchenne Care Center Program supports standardized, comprehensive care, and services for all people living with Duchenne, and began certifying qualifying centers in March 2014. PPMD is pleased to recognize the team at Yale New Haven Children's Hospital (YNHCH) for their compassionate approach to Duchenne care for people living with the disease.

The Pediatric Muscular Dystrophy Program at YNHCH offers children and families coordinated, multidisciplinary care for the diagnosis and treatment of Duchenne, as well as other muscular dystrophies and pediatric neuromuscular disorders.

The Pediatric Muscular Dystrophy Program at YNHCH is co-directed by Brian Smith, MD, and Cristian Ionita, MD. Dr. Ionita was recently recruited from Seattle Children's Hospital (also a Certified Duchenne Care Center) and will ensure that children with neuromuscular disease continue to receive the best possible clinical care.

"Yale New Haven Children's Hospital Muscular Dystrophy Program is excited and proud to be part of such a select group of centers. This is a recognition of the exceptional care that patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy receive at our institution. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration with PPMD."

-- Dr. Ionita

PPMD is thrilled to award Dr. Ionita and his team certification for their dedication to Duchenne patients:

"Dr. Ionita is joining a compassionate team of experienced Duchenne providers, and will bring to this team his knowledge and experience of working within this network of Certified Duchenne Care Center providers. This partnership will be an asset to New Haven and the greater Connecticut community.  We are thrilled to have Yale New Haven Children's Hospital join our growing network of Certified Duchenne Care Centers."

-- Kathi Kinnett, MSN, CNP, PPMD's Senior Vice President of Clinical Care and co-director of Transforming Duchenne Care Initiative (TDCI)

When PPMD launched our certification program in 2014, we had no idea that the Duchenne community would respond so positively. Families have come to rely on our certification as an indication that these clinics are the best of the best. We will continue to certify more clinics across the country throughout 2017, recognizing teams of physicians for their leadership in Duchenne care, which in turn will enable families to make the best choice for the care of their child.

In 2014, PPMD launched the Certified Duchenne Care Center Program as part of its robust Transforming Duchenne Care Initiative (TDCI). PPMD will continue to award qualified centers the title of Certified Duchenne Care Center in an effort to ensure centers maintain the highest standards in clinical and sub-specialty services, rapidly apply new evidence-based knowledge, minimize heterogeneity in clinical research outcomes, and comply with standards in clinical care that were established by the CDC Care Considerations. As part of its ongoing mission to end Duchenne, PPMD continues to insist that all people with Duchenne receive comprehensive care.

To learn more about PPMD's Certified Duchenne Care Center Program, visit PPMD's websiteClick here to learn more about the history of PPMD's Certified Duchenne Care Center Program and to access PPMD's first published article on the program.

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