Off The List

Off the list
No more parties for you
Unfriended, blocked, unwelcome

A subtle rejection
Quiet and sneaky, perhaps
Why declare it with words?
Better to play it safe
Fly under the radar
It's not like you were UN-INVITED
The possibility of inclusion never even existed
There were no expectations to dash
No feelings to hurt, now were there?

If you had just conformed to the herd
Went along with the sheep instead
But you were a mere lamb, and a lame one at that 
You needed slaughtering
It had to be done, you see
For you were born of the dark ewe
And the ram with the broken prongs.
Foolish of them really
To think they could hide you from the sacrifice.

Don't take it personally, though
No offense intended
Just know that you will not see your name
On the list, ever again.

Party on!

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Comment by Andrea Cleary on July 18, 2011 at 11:49am

I LOVE it , Ruth!


Nothing personal, Billy Joel, INDEED!

Comment by Ruth Griffith on July 18, 2011 at 11:07am

Dear Andrea--


Your poem is really good.  I write poetry sometimes too and it helps.  Here's one I wrote after my son's dx;




Nothing personal, Billy Joel

but if I ever hear

that peppy song again

about how only the good die young

I might just shoulder a pick axe

and walk from Seattle to NYC to





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