Sure, I’ve been there, several times, but it has been a long time, more time than I realized. We actually had no plans to visit, but it seemed worth doing, having just spent the weekend in Dowagiac, Michigan, remembering summers long ago. It was an off-hand idea: my daughters Jenny and Michelle were flying back to New York, from South Bend airport. So why not have a look?

The day was lovely, one of those Michigan summer days – warm but not suffocating, the sun finding its way through the tree lined drive. We were visitorsthough not really. We parked and started walking, my husband Tom pointing out old buildings and new, his dorm, the grotto, the library, the Golden Dome in full few from most angles. As we walked, we noticed groups of young men heading in the direction of the practice field, not far from the stadium and Tom talked about his practice schedule, which actually sounded pretty grueling. But there was pride in his voice. The Fighting Irish. As we walked toward the stadium, I closed my eyes and imagined how it must feel to run through those gates, to play on that field, to hear the thunderous crowd, to feel the magic. Magic.

Coach To Cure MD, September 29.
For one day, 10,150 Coaches will join together across this country to End Duchenne. Talk about magic.

Join us?


Pat Furlong, Founding President, CEO
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