Dear Pat,

As soon as we heard about this article Ben and I had to find the magazine.  We have a small store, old , here in Kalamazoo called Michigan News.  Sure enough they had it and I bought it.

What a wonderful article!  Thank you so much for sharing with us.  I never heard your whole story about Christopher and Patrick.  I loved the part best where you went to see the neurologist who said you should have aborted your second son's pregnancy.  I applauded and cheered you when you pulled him up by his tie and told him,  "If anyone in this room should have been aborted, it was you," buddy.  Good for you, girl.  You rock even more in my book for your undying devotion to you sons and your humanity.  Wish I were more like you.  I use you as my hero and share the story with my cohorts at work in our PICU, our intensivists, my peers in nursing, our residents, etc. etc.  There are still many out there even in our medical community who do not know Duchenne as we do and you are our guru.

I cannot begin to thank you enough, ever.

With much appreciation for all you do,


Joyce Carpenter, RN and Ben;s Mom

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