Hello everyone!
My name is Liz Hardy, and I’m an Industrial design student from Colorado. I’m in the process of designing a ride on toy that accommodates the needs of physically disabled kids, but the overall style of the toy will be so appealing, everyone on the block would want a ride! I’m very passionate about this project and creating a design to suit the needs of ALL kids is my main priority. I’m in search of true experts, all you loving parents. Anyone that would be willing to answer a few of my questions will be greatly appreciated and definitely shape this idea for the better!

- What are your kid’s ages?

- Height? Weight?

- What does your child enjoy in their free time?

- What products, if any, give your child more independence?

-Do they participate in any outdoor activities?
If so:
- How often?
- Does it require any assistance?

- What role does exercise play in their lives?

- Does needing assistance bother your child?
If so:
-Did it begin at any particular age?
- Does their environment play a factor?

If you feel that I’ve overlooked any aspects, let me know. I’ll take anything you have to offer.
Thank you so much for interest!

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Comment by Keith Van Houten on November 20, 2008 at 8:58pm
You might try posting this in one of the forums, you might get more responses....

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