I posted this on Facebook but felt I should share this here also.  I have 3 wonderful boys.  Tom is 16, Kevin is 13 and Brian is 10.  Tom and Kevin have DMD, Brian does not.

     I have often wondered what will happen to my boys over the last 12 years since their diagnosis and when Brian came along 10 years ago, my worries for him were different.  As he has gotten older and has watched his older brother go into a wheelchair and his other brother use one part time, I wonder what he is thinking.  I have never pushed him on being involved in his brothers' disease.  Instead try to focus on him, his interests like sports so he could feel good about being able to do "normal" things. 

But the other day he came home from school with a notice that he had a missing assignment.  It was a paragraph on "My Greatest Wish."  I asked him why he didn't do it.  He said, " I was having trouble figuring out how to write what I wanted as my wish." I asked him if he wanted help and he said, "No I figured it out." So yesterday, he brought home the paragraph handwritten in pencil.

  My Greatest Wish

by Brian Groeger

My greatest wish is that there would be a cure for muscular dystrophy.  My two brothers have it.  They can't run or play sports.  They have to use wheelchairs to get around.  It's hard for them to move around.  If there is a cure they could play sports and other regular stuff with me and their friends.  They wouldn't have to take medicine.  My greatest wish is that there would be a cure for muscular dystrophy.

Now most people outside our DMD world think how amazing he is for writing that.  Yes, I also agree that he is amazing for writing that or actually wishing that but what is amazing to me and I know many of you can relate, is that to him, it is just a matter of fact part of his life.  He doesn't see it as something unselfish, he sees it as an automatic.  He is naturally an old soul dealing with life and wants his brothers running by his side.  That's how he thinks.

So back to the part as to why he was struggling with writing it.  I am thinking it's too emotional or something like that. No, his biggest worry in writing it was that his teacher wouldn't understand what muscular dystrophy is and wouldn't get it!.. So he was thinking of other ways to describe it so she would understand.  But in the end he went with the real words.  He brought it home and told me not to make a big deal out of it and show his brothers.  I said, "why not?"..He said, " I don't want them to read it and think that I am mad at them because they can't run around with me." "I just WISH they could do those things because THEY hate that they can't..I said OK holding back the tears.. But, what is so wonderful is the matter of fact way he puts it all when telling me all of this.  I of course, was inspired by his innocence, his caring, his everything..

Some days like today, I feel like the luckiest mom in the world...

Happy Holidays everyone!


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Comment by Brian Denger on December 18, 2011 at 1:53pm

Thank you for posting Lisa. 

This emphasizes how well you are raising your sons.  It is interesting that Brian spent time trying to write about his brothers in a manner that others could understand thoroughly.  We all want to convey a specific perspective, although at 10 I don't know whether I had that degree of maturity.  I'm sure your sons argue and have "disagreements" like other brothers.  It must have been a great moment to know Brian was concerned about his brother's feelings. 

I agree, you are one of the luckiest moms to have such a great family.


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