My BRAVE Story: It may be your child that is fighting for their life someday

I have this beautiful grandson. His name is Lucas Webster. He is 13 years old. 10 years ago our lives came tumbling down, when Lucas was diagnosed with DMD. God gave him the mind and spirit to be a outdoor everything. He has always loved fishing, hunting,raising gardens and flowers. He ask me one day," MaMaw when I get my medicine that will take this disease away, can I run and run and run fast," and I said, YES you will. But he is loosing his spirit. And his body is failing quickly.

Pay attention to the future of our children. It may be your child that is fighting for their life someday. Stop putting so much emphasis on things that we all know will not change the world. But our children will. That is a certainty. Get this medicine they need NOW. We can't loose another child because of your failure to see the importance of these urgent meds. As a 35 year critical care nurse, I worked many, many hours overtime, due to a patient that needed me for their survival. Do the same for these children. It is the greatest thing that you can do for mankind, in your work place.

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