My BRAVE Story: I don't wanna lose my son to this disease

My first born was diagnosed with dmd,he passed away at 8yrs old in 1999,my other two sons dont have dmd,but my last son shawn does,it affects heart,lungs every muscle in the body,shawn is 8 diagnosed at 3weeks old,hes in a wheelchair,uses bipap at night,cough assist,oxygen if needed.he use to walk,talk eat my mouth,climb walk try to run,he got sick with something and took seizures for 3weeks straight in picu,he is not only battling dmd he battling global brain damage due to seizin.

i dont wanna lose my son to this disease,it really destroyed our family there for awhile. dmd affects the heart aswell as the lungs,shawn goes to cardiomyopothy doctor come december to see how bad his heart it...this diease is taken our sons,brothers,loved ones lives.there has to be a end to duchenne.

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