For an article in Kids on Wheels magazine, I'm looking for kids with disabilities (especially wheelchair-users, ages 8-12) and their parents for a series of articles called "Children and the Online World."

My aim is to collect advice and anecdotes from parents and kids about the role the Internet plays in kids' lives today. What are its good and bad uses? How important is the online world for school and social life (making and communicating with friends)? How do parents monitor kids' online behavior, if at all? How do they encourage their kids to use the Internet while ensuring kids' safety?

All I need is about 15 minutes on the phone. If preferred, I can send written questions by e-mail first. We can do the whole thing by e-mail, if that's easier. Either way, I need to wrap up interviews by Fri., Dec. 5th.

Please e-mail me and let me know how you can help. And feel free to pass this along to others who might be interested.

Many thanks, in advance.

Ben Mattlin

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