Well we made it through 2012 but we had a lot of bumps and bruises on the way through. In january of 2012 jacob was at school and they called me to say he had passed out and wasnt responding. He couldnt walk or talk or anything. When i got there the ambulance was pulling up and we had to go to the hospital.  He was admitted for tests and then the doctor at our nearest hospital wouldnt touch him because of the dmd. They sent us home and before the end of the month he was in the hospital two more times in two different hospitals.  They told us he was having confusional migrains. Made no sense to me but they put him on meds and he seemed to do better.


As the year went on he faced aqll kinds of problems he lost a lot of muscles in his legs feet hips shoulders and back. Physical therapy is not that wonderful for him he hates going because he does the same things every time and then he is so tired by the time he goes to school he is cranky.


My son is my heart and soul but honestly i dont know how many more trails we can stand. When this year started we found out he has LVH which cant be fixed. The next thing thery will do is put him on a monitor and then meds.  We are fighting with the insurance to get a chair approved. But he did get to make a wish with make a wish earlier this year.

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