Letter I recieved from my congressman about funding



I thought that you might want to see what my "wonderful" congressman said about funding for research when I sent him the letter from ppmd.

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Comment by Cheri Gunvalson on June 30, 2011 at 10:13pm
I in addition to the great advise Keith gave, you might consider writing an Opinion Editorial on DMD and the need for research.  A good place to start is by reading Op Eds by others.  The New York Times has Op Eds daily and most major papers especially on Sundays have them.  The more you read the eaiser they are to write.  If you'd like examples feel free to email me at cgunval@gvtel.com.  Good Luck, Cheri
Comment by Keith Van Houten on June 23, 2011 at 10:51pm

I like the part that "he knows you can agree on the need to reduce out of control spending".  Really.  Go to his next in-district appearance and ask him if he thinks the $33 million a year that NIH funds duchenne is out of control.  Ask him how much would be "out of control" if it was his son with an incurable, fatal disease.  Bring your son and your neighbors.  Ask him how much we've spent in Iraq.  Ask him why he voted to cut almost a billion dollars out of the $32 billion NIH budget earlier this year (which thankfully didn't pass the Senate).  Ask him how drugs for rare disease ever get developed without government funding.  Ask him if he's ever heard of the "common welfare" clause of the Constitution.


Save that letter, and mail it out to everyone you know before the next election with what it means to your family.  Call the local paper and ask them to do a story about it.  


He's a first termer.  You can have an impact.

Comment by Servais Family on June 23, 2011 at 5:10pm

Sad - so sad that people need to take sides and can no longer compromise what is good for the general population instead of what is good for those who fund campaigns.


Just don't give up, politicians can changes as frequently as the wind changes.



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