my son says things sometimes that make me think. we got another snow storm today, and i decided to keep them home from school, the driving in our van is not great in bad weather... we were swimming ( we just put in an indoor therapy pool) and austin said, "hey mom, can we laugh under water?" i said well, it will be strange but, give it a try!
he and max dove down and i heard some distorted noises comming up in the bubbles. they burst to the surface screaming " you can, mom we laughed under the water". i started thinking, isn't that awesome? these boys can laugh anywhere. im not always happy about it, when they get giggly at the doctors office while im listening to the doctor tell me things that are surely not funny, or when they laugh at eachother when they fall down, or during looooong car rides. i have even yelled at them for too much laughing! but its days like today, when i think to myself, i am so glad they can laugh under water, that they even wanted to try. life is not easy for a family with duchennes, sometimes i dont think there is anything to laugh about. today we all laughed, really hard, because laughing under water just makes you come up for air and want to dive down and try it again!

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Comment by Cheryl Markey on March 19, 2009 at 2:18am
Laughter they say is the best medicine ( don't know who they are ) but, go ahead and try giving yourself some of that laughing medicine doesn't cost you anything....doesn't come with a high deductible, doesn't come with a co-pay everytime your try it, doesn't cost you hign insurance preiums to pay each's FREE!!!! who doesn't like FREE!!!!!! laugh with you boys they do all the time, they smile all the time....we can learn alot from our boys! They truly get what life is all about, they truly do....we need to sit back and truly watch them at play and see what we are supposed to be learning from them in their young lives, yet they aren't adults yet and haven't experienced life as we parents have....yet we adults can learn from the younger beings here on earth...our children and espically our special sons!

Thank for sharing your inspiring story with us here on PPMD!
Comment by Melanie on March 9, 2009 at 5:18pm
Thanks for sharing. I'm glad your boys gave you that time out and moment of clarity, and doubly glad that you passed it on to the rest of us. I know I need reminders like that, and I'm sure there are others who do as well.


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