So here we are, just six weeks away from the 2nd Annual Coach To Cure MD weekend on September 26. And here I am, again, completely awestruck by the way the Duchenne community has come together already to make this the year’s Coach To Cure even more successful than last year’s!

You are even more creative and more ambitious, determined to tackle and defeat Duchenne with this extraordinary partnership between PPMD and the American Football Coaches Association. We have high schools all around the country – including Alaska! – using Coach To Cure as a platform to raise awareness about muscular dystrophy, and more specifically Duchenne. We have families throwing tailgating parties in their homes, in their local bars, and the in the parking lot of their favorite team’s game on the 26th. We have a viral campaign that has taken on a life of its own, with the fantastic CTC video spreading through Facebook, Twitter, our Community Site, My Space, YouTube, and any place online we can spread it.

I shared with you last year that I will forever have images of my husband and our two sons – Christopher and Patrick – cheering on Notre Dame's Fighting Irish on beautiful fall afternoons. These are precious memories to me and for a long time I had trouble even being in the room when a Notre Dame game was on. But I am excited about this year because this year football isn’t just a game. It’s hope.

There are over 200 universities and colleges participating. There will be over 3 million spectators watching these teams play. And there is an immeasurable television audience that will see our TV spots, watch participating coaches' interviews, and hear sports announcers talk about this spectacular day and raise awareness of Duchenne. The audience is immense and the possibilities countless.

We have been given a moment to grab the country’s attention and tell them about Duchenne. To show them the faces of Duchenne. And to ask them to join us in our fight to end Duchenne.

I will be cheering on Notre Dame as they take on Purdue on September 26 with my husband and I will be thinking of my boys – even more than I usually do. And from now until game day in six weeks, I will do everything I can to help spread the word. If you haven’t already joined our team, I hope you will. Visit Coach to Cure MD.

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