We recently learned that Bradley has steroid induced Diabetes Type II.  He had glucose tolerance testing at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. His blood sugar was 206, 2 hours after the glucose drink. He started an oral medication, metformin which will help control his blood sugar, his appetite and his weight. We are checking his blood sugar once daily and his blood sugars have been normal at home.


Everything else went well at his Cincinnati visits. His heart MRI showed his cardiomyopathy to still be mild.  His pulmonary function (breathing) tests were excellent.  His timed tests for muscle strength were about the same, although he did take slightly longer to stand from a sitting position on the floor.  We are still waiting on his human growth hormone test results, completed for growth failure. He has remained 148.5cm for the last 2 years.



I'm so proud of Bradley! As some of you know, on top of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he has a new diagnosis of Type II Diabetes secondary to steroid use. 

As soon as he found out about this, he began cutting his portions down, he decreased snacking, and he gave up sugar and sweets. He is also checking his blood sugar every morning by himself.

I know the metformin is making a difference as well and it is suppressing his appetite but he is making such an effort to keep his blood sugar under control. He is maintaining fasting blood sugars in the 80's.

The best part about all of the diet changes and the medication is that he has lost 9 lbs. in the past two weeks.  This has been a much needed weight loss, especially since he has not grown in height for the last two years and his BMI has been so high. 

Tonight we moved from 500mg to 1000mg of metformin. Eventually, he is supposed to be taking 2000mg but we are working toward that dose gradually.

I still haven't heard about the human growth hormone testing but I will send an email to the doctor at the end of this week to see if she knows the results. I will also let her know about his progress mentioned above, to make sure we are on the right track (eg. not losing weight too fast)
Bradley's Human Growth Hormone came back sufficient. The steroids are probably still stunting his growth but there is some potential for growth in height.  My main concern is his weight, and that is why I'd like to see some growth in height. But right now, cutting the sugars, portions, and grazing along with the metformin is really therapeutic for the weight. As of today, he has lost 10 lbs.

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