Bradley sprained his ankle on Sunday.  He was sledding and jammed his right foot into a tree. We waited a couple of hours to see how things would go.  In the meantime, we applied ice and he layed on the couch. Tom had to carry him to the bathroom during that time because it hurt too much to bear weight.

I decided to take him to the ER at Memorial of Carbondale just to be sure it wasn't fractured. I thought it would probably be a sprain but I wanted to be sure. Fortunately, it was just a sprain....but the NP said a fracture may take a few days to show up on x-ray and bearing weight could possibly cause a fracture. They gave him an air cast but told him to stay non-weight-bearing a couple of days. Tom decided to stay home with him on Monday and I stayed home with him today (Tuesday).

I took him to our Primary Medical provider today for follow up.  I really thought, he could be weight bearing after this but she told me to keep him non-weight bearing for another week.  We have another follow up on the 18th (Monday).

In the meantime, we will keep him in his wheelchair.  This will be a challenge at school.  We are depending on students/teachers to push him from class to class. For a child with DMD, wheeling himself around will cause muscle fatigue in his hands/arms and wear his hand/arm muscles down. For this reason, a power wheelchair or scooter is recommended for long term wc use.

We will also have to him get to and from school. I really hope next week things are back to normal. I worry about him using the wheel chair so much this week and not walking around.  This "could" cause him to become non-ambulatory.

I had been inquiring about a power wheelchair or scooter from the MDA loan closet.  I had been but after talking to Tom about it, he said he would rather not go that route. I don't think he is ready to think about needing something motorized since Bradley normally gets around well enough on foot.  Bradley has been more receptive to it lately because he says it hurts too much to put weight on his foot.

January 18th is going to be a busy day.  We have to be at the doctor's office at 8:30am (Marion), then we have a Hanger appt.  at 9:00 (Herrin) to have Bradley casted for new AFO's. Then that afternoon, he has an appt. at Rehab Unlimieted for a PT Evaluation, for OT to make customized hand splints for him.



Yesterday went really well for Bradley.  I received call from school close to noon from Linda who works in the office. It was so reassuring. She said Bradley was doing great using his manual w/c at school. She had just checked on him at lunch and said he was all smiles surrounded by several friends. She asked if Bradley if he was being taken care of today (being pushed in w/c). The other kids answered before he could, "yes, he's being taken care of and we are helping him out."

When I got home, I asked him how his day was and he told me basically the same thing. He said during first hour the kids were fighting over who'd get to push him and then several wanted to pull Bradley close to them where they were sitting....but after that they just took turns. I think it made him feel good that people wanted to help him out.  He didn't think the other students would want to push him.

Tom has been taking him to school and picking him up.  That has been a great help.



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