In an Emergency – Consider a Medical ID

Let’s say that Joe has Duchenne. If Joe breaks his arm and the EMT comes before Joe’s parent arrives, Joe may not remember to tell the EMT that: 1) he has Duchenne, 2) he is on daily steroids 3) he is allergic to penicillin and, in that painful scary moment, he may or may not remember his parent’s cell phone number. 


For some people, having a medical ID that includes information for “first responders” (i.e., EMT’s, school nurses, fire departments, etc.) is important; for people living with Duchenne, not providing that information can have devastating results. Wearing a medical ID is a simple step that can be life saving.


For several years now, PPMD has recommended Lauren's Hope Medical ID Jewelry. This family-owned business, based in the Kansas City metro area, started with a random act of kindness for a local teen with Type 1 Diabetes. Now celebrating more than 16 years in business, Lauren's Hope offers medical IDs for adults and children with all manner of medical conditions worldwide.


Many PPMD parents highly recommend Lauren's Hope for several reasons:

  • Outstanding responsiveness
  • Excellent customer service
  • Durable, quality products
  • Legible, long-lasting engraving
  • A broad assortment of products for kids/teens/adults to choose from


Lauren's Hope is a proud supporter of PPMD, and we're pleased to announce that we have joined the “Lauren’s Hope Affiliate Program." When you purchase a medical ID through the Lauren's Hope link on the PPMD website or our Facebook page, Lauren's Hope will give a portion of the sale proceeds back to PPMD. As Lauren's Hope likes to say, "Everyone knows someone who needs a medical ID." So share this article and our social media posts about Lauren's Hope far and wide. Anyone who shops from them (for any condition, choosing any product!) can help support our organization.


When you're ready to order, you'll need to have a snug wrist measurement and know what you want to engrave. We've had many discussions about what's most important to engrave. Keeping in mind that the information on your medical ID is primarily for first responders, we recommend engraving the following:

  • Name, birthdate
  • Medical Condition(s)
  • Medications taking now (leave blank if none)
  • Allergies or NKDA (for No Known Drug Allergies)
  • At least one emergency contact number preceded by the letters ICE for, "In Case of Emergency."

Here's a sample engraving:


JOE SMITH 5/23/04





ICE: 555-232-2323

Wearing a medical ID is a simple, proactive step that will alert first responders to key medical information at a glance. There is a full line of Lauren's Hope medical IDs to shop from — including interchangeable bracelets (one ID tag + as many bracelet strands as you'd like), dog tags and pendants, bangles and cuffs, adjustable chains and wraps — at, and share your medical ID pics with us on social media by using the hashtag #EndDuchenne.


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