My son fell this weekend and hurt his arm. We were out of town camping and went to a local hospital. X-ray detected no break. He mentiond there was an extra bone at the growth plate and acted like it was no big deal. I just got home and googled extra bone and it could mean a fracture and is very hard to detect on an xray. Has anyone experienced a fracture on the growth plate and if so, what were the symptons. He is in a sling, wearing on and off. He did go swimming today and would not use his arm to go up the ladder, he used right side. The arm does seem to be haning a little funny. It sounds like I'll be getting a second opinion tomorrow. Your thoughts if you've been thru this. There's not to much that will keep my son down..he keeps going and going


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Comment by Darcy Tumminello on July 22, 2009 at 7:14pm
Just to give everyone an update, An extra bone at the end of a gorwth plate can be nornal and/or a fracture.
In this case, it was a fracture. Ended up with arm in cast. Fracture in radial neck at elbow and growth plate.
When in doubt check it out.


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