so, Austin fell today.
he falls everyday, but today he fell in the snow, and crawled up the neighbors driveway until i found him. i told him to wait for me. i told him he would fall. i told him i just had to get boots on the baby then i would help him go see his friend lexi. he went anyway, with the cool confidence of a 10 year old boy. with the pure will power that makes his legs move every day. and i was right. i didnt want to be right. i wanted him to make it. i wanted him to get there, and call me and say ha ha mom, in his snotty, i-know-everything tone of voice. he was wet, soaked really, but he just looked up at me and said "i guess you were right." i couldnt talk, i just looked at him. he said, me and snow dont get along, well at least you came mom. thanks mom, thanks for coming mom
he was so calm, still smiling. how does he smile when i just want to cry?

we had to go home, he was wet, and he does have that little sensory issue... on the long walk home, as he scuffled along behind lexi he said " summer will be here soon mom, dont worry. at least i have new pants to put on mom, mom its ok right?

i hate snow!

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Comment by jenn on March 4, 2009 at 10:41pm
kevin sounds alot like austin. austin has a great attitude about things in general... we've found that we need to entice kids to our house because austin gets tired. we just "opened" our indoor pool and that has proven to be a level playing ground for austin and his friends. i can relate to feeling the pity in other peoples' looks, we feel that way whenever we help austin in public, he needs alot of help these days, and i have a hard time lifting him so it looks silly i would imagine, but sometimes i want to yell "either help, or stop staring and move along!". we stopped sledding last year, its just too much work, we did buy 4- wheelers for summer fun, because austin craves speed! anyway, i must get some sleep, the boys will be up before i know it. keep in touch,
Comment by Patti Frank on March 4, 2009 at 5:56pm
Yes, snow is the pits!! I was just thinking about that this week with our snowfall and snowday on Monday. Kevin is so social and loves to "DO" stuff so I felt so bad thinking about some of his friends probably sleigh riding at the school up the block from us on the big hill. Last year we went over and had fun, but my God! he just can't maneuver in the snow and every time he went down we had to both go down and really help him up the hill. That's when this thing really brings it all home. He had fun and his friends were all helpful, but I could feel the sympathy and upsetment in the eyes of the parents. It's so frustrating for him. But he smiles and still wants to do it! So we plug on. The group went tubing up at a nearby ski resort on Presiden'ts Day and invited us as they always do, but I'm glad we were away for the weekend so Kevin wouldn't feel bad. If we did go though, several of the dads said they'd be right there at the top to help Kevin get in the tube -- but what if he fell off on the way down -- no way he'd be able to get back in and we' d have a problem. So far, I don't think it bothers him all that much but I hate to see him miss out. Same problem at the beach too!! Maneuvering at the water's edge and trying to get in the waves. Feet sink right down into the sand and he's stuck! That's why we go to a beach place that also has a pool and the beach. And we bodysurf as the waves come in. It works!!We manage....we all learn to manage with this thing. Take care Jenn. Keep brushing your boy off and love those fatty smiles..............
Comment by Kristi Powell on February 24, 2009 at 12:27pm
Yep...snow sucks! Sounds like us. Christian ( 11) is such a people pleaser. He always apologizes for when he falls and I have to help him. Snow is disasterous for us too. And of course, he takes off because he has the DRIVE and what eventually "ugh mom, I need a little help here"...My heart aches, but I don't show it. I have a great sense of humor and somehow we manage to laugh it off. Falling is way too common in our home as well. But, I help him up, brush him off, he gives me a big fatty smile and then off we go...
Comment by jenn on February 23, 2009 at 10:04pm
Comment by Jenny Garofalo on February 23, 2009 at 9:51pm
I hate snow too!!! my heart goes out to both of you. I am sending you hugs and a big glass of WINE!

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