ENMC Workshop Report: Airway Clearance Techniques in Neuromuscular Disorders

The European Neuromuscular Center (ENMC) is a global organization that gathers expertise from around the world to address many issues and concerns of, and advance research and treatments for, neuromuscular patients. Many of the ENMC workshops address Duchenne specific issues. PPMD has been proud to partner with ENMC, enabling non-European neuromuscular specialists to attend these Duchenne specific meetings. This year’s sponsorship allowed my self, Dr. Daniel Sheehan (Pulmonologist, University of Buffalo) and Dr. Brenda Morrow (Physical Therapist, University of Cape Town, South Africa) to participate in this important meeting, bringing the perspectives of our communities into the discussion.


On March 3-5, 21 experts gathered to discuss Airway Clearance Techniques in Neuromuscular Disorders. Techniques for airway clearance are quite varied in different areas of the world. This workshop was developed to delve deeply into the importance of airway clearance, the repercussions of ineffective airway clearance (i.e., upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, etc.), manual and mechanical methods of airway clearance and the evidence that we have regarding the effectiveness of these methods. This workshop worked to develop consensus guidelines for airway clearance for a number of neuromuscular conditions, including Duchenne. More information about this workshop can be found here.

A published summary of this workshop is in process.

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