Coach to Cure MD. A game-changing strategy.

As a young, high school girl, I walked around the perimeter of the football field, my eyes in the stands looking for friends. I could feel the energy, the excitement, but soon recognized I had to learn about the game, the sport, the rigor, the diligence, the strategy. And, over the years, I did just that. As a college student, I attended Mt. St. Joseph College, at the time, an all girls college. We had no football team, but we were all committed Buckeye fans and spent a considerable amount of time finding reasons to travel to Columbus, not the least of which was to watch the Buckeyes play. In 1968, the Ohio State Buckeyes football team was considered one of the strongest in OSU history. The Buckeyes capped an undefeated season with a dominating 50–14 victory over arch-rival Michigan.

College is a special time in life, with so many wonderful moments, times that, even still today make me smile. That day in 1968, when the Buckeyes won and we knew we would be in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, I remember the parade as if it was yesterday. The crowd was energized, jubilant. They removed the goal post and headed down High Street toward downtown. The fans were hoisting college students on top of the goalpost, singing and screaming. I was one of those young college students, triumphant and over the moon about that game and the upcoming Rose Bowl. Just thinking about football season reminds me of college, of happy days and now – of opportunities for our sons.

Fast forward to 2010. Jim Tressel, OSU’s coach and one of our biggest supporters will be wearing an armband and leading the Buckeyes to victory! Now, not only am I supporting OSU, OSU is supporting us.

The first time I met Tom in the ICU, I asked about his watch – Notre Dame Champions. Tom played Defense for Notre Dame, recruited by Ara Parsegian. Tom’s father had made a scrapbook of his career – Ignatius High School in Cleveland, followed by the fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Chris and Patrick loved that scrapbook, turning each page, reciting plays, scores, and dreaming dreams. Dreams of the Golden Dome. Dreams of running out on that field. Dreams of scoring. I had my own dreams and over and over, just wished for Chris and Patrick to stand on that field. Just once.

Football is the stuff of dreams for all of us – wishing in our own life to make that Touchdown.

On 9.25.2010, I’ll be watching OSU. Tom will be cheering the Irish. And while we cheer for different teams, we agree on one thing – to End Duchenne. Hundreds of coaches will be wearing the Coach To Cure MD armbands with millions of spectators and all of you, raising awareness, raising money, BUYING TIME…

9.25.2010 is a game changer for Duchenne, a time for all of us to do something, to stand up, to connect to everyone we know and anyone they know. My ‘game plan’ is to connect, to ask family, friends, strangers to help, to TEXT the word CURE to 90999, to give what they can, to get in the game and to be a game changer… for Duchenne.

What will you be doing on 9.25.2010?

Visit Team PPMD's page or create your own page and ask friends and family to support Coach To Cure MD.

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Comment by Pat Furlong on September 10, 2010 at 10:22am
Hello Harriet, Thanks so very much for your post. When I think about our college days, I might add 'those were the good old days', but I believe, if we all work together, some day we will look back and say the same thing as our boys go to college and have their own wonderful memories to share. That is my belief and my hope. All of us are thankful for your help.
Comment by Harriet Meermann on September 9, 2010 at 6:14pm
Pat, I met you in Washington DC. My son is Heinrich Meermann. Reading your message brought back memories of the same years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for me. I am sending the message for Coach to Cure to all family and friends. And on that day as I did last year with my son, Marty, Heinrich's brother we will be at a local football game in Miami encouraging those we don't know to text 90999. Nothing will stop us in our hope to SAVE OUR BOYS. Harriet Meermann

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