I never realized how fast these changes happen with our boys. My son Jacob is now 8 years old and in just the last few months he has gone from being able to climb steps to get in the house to not even being able to walk from the car to the car to the house without falling. I didnt realize how much harder it would get, my back hurts from having to take most of his weight coming up the steps and getting out the car, dont get me wrong im not complaining because there is nothing i wont do for my son. He has his wheelchair but our house isnt wheel chair friendly yet so we do the best we can. How parents can watch and go through this more than once is beyond me because my heart breaks every time he falls or cries and every skint knee or elbow i have to doctor. But i wouldnt trade all this for anything when u know theres a chance that you dont have a lot of time with ur child u cherish every moment that much more.

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