Care Complications – Going Beyond the More Common Elements of Care in Duchenne

Every year at PPMD's Annual Connect Conference, we try to put together the best topics, with the most informed speakers, to address elements of care at different ages. This year, as we were developing those panels, we realized that there were a few “hot topics in care” that deserved special attention -- Chest Pain, Fu and Airway Emergencies, Fat Embolism, and Bone Fractures.

All of these topics are critical in the management of Duchenne – because all can be life threatening if not recognized and cared for appropriately.


In order to get the best, and most comprehensive, information to the community, we organized the "Care Complications – Going Beyond the More Common Elements of Care" panel. We chose our speakers carefully and asked them to approach the topics and deliver the information that would be the most helpful to you, and your clinicians, during these situations. 


We hope that you will watch and re-watch these incredibly important presentations: 

Chest Pain

Flu and Airway Emergencies

Recognizing and managing influenza and patient airways is critical during an upper respiratory infection. 

Fat Embolism

Six young men with Duchenne suffered fractures with subsequent development of fat emboli syndrome (FES) last winter. This topic continues to warrant discussion in our community. 

Bone Fractures

While we hear the term fracture all the time, recognizing what may be a fracture and knowing how to manage it are important.

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