My son is in the 7th grade. I have been trying to get him an assistant in the event that he cannot move anymore. However, I have been unsuccessful. The special day class teacher is adamant that she is going to make my son independent. The truth is my son is independent. He likes to do things himself if he can. My son is the the GATE classes. He will soon need an assistant to help him with the simplest thing that need physical strength such as writing or math work. He also has class up stair. There is an elevator but he cannot reach the key hole and floor selection. Now, there is an assistant that goes with a student that does need someone to write everything because she cannot move physically. This assistant will help him go up and down on the elevator for two months. I just got an email that said my son need to depend on his peers to go up and down on the elevator. That I'm not worried because he has lots of friends that are willing to help. However, I am worried about his inability to move his arms to where he can write or get things. SO, my question is what should the wording on his IEP be for them to get an assistant for him when needed? I am at lost with this. On his IEP last year it has technologies as one of the options but no mention of an assistant to help him. I live in California. Any help will be appreciated. 

Thank you.

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Comment by Debbie Wagner on September 11, 2012 at 8:58am

We have a 504 agreement for our son. We update it every year, or if something arises sooner, we can do it then. My son is in 9th grade and has had a one on one assistant since 6th grade. It sounds like you need to contact the Special Ed. Dept. of the school to help out with the assistant for your son. Before my son stopped walking, there was concern of him tripping in the halls, dealing with the crowds in the halls, etc. All of which is a safety issue and your son needs someone with him at all times. Also, in the case of using the bathrooms too. You mght want to remind the school that relying on his peers is not always an option, nor is it the safest option. I would get the assistant now, and if your son needs them, fine. If not, they will be there at least for help in the hallways, lunch, bathroom, etc.  Good luck!!

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