I took a walk with Jesus, yesterday. The thin layer of melting white snow crunched under our feet. I shivered from the January north wind and pulled my collar tighter around my neck. Feeling happy, I had chosen boots to wear for our walk. Jesus walked only in sandals and a white flowing robe of cotton. We walked in silence for some time listening to the sounds around us. From the trees above our heads birds could be heard chirping and some children’s laughter echoed from a sliding hill in the distance. Then ever so gently he put my hand in his. Speaking not a word he gave my fingers a light squeeze, then rested his fingers softly against mine. We walked some more holding hands in silence. I felt warm again. The breeze that had been whipping against my cheeks seemed to lesson and no longer sent chills though my jacket. I felt warmer, safe and somewhat at ease. Without a single word I knew why Jesus had came to be with me now.
“Jesus” I finally turned to him and said, “ I am not the one”. We stopped walking for a moment and Jesus turned , stepping in front of me. Tenderly, he put his hand under my chin lifting it enough to look into my sad eyes. He gazed at me with so much love. So beautiful his face appeared. Tears had been building in his deep brown eyes. I watched as one trickled down, sliding so gently against his soft smooth skin. “But you are” he whispered softly to me. I looked away for a moment then back to his eyes that filled my heart and soul. . “It is so hard, I can’t do it alone. My heart feels so broken and I am so scared” I paused “ and alone”. I whispered softly. “ I feel so much pain and loss”. He put his arms around me and pulled me closely to him. I could feel the beat of his heart and the warmth from his body. I let him hold me, sobbing softly in his arms. Somehow he made me feel strong and beautiful. Not the scared lonely soul I knew, as me. The single mother who buried herself in the special needs of her two youngest sons. A beautiful mess broken and used in every relationship. He made me feel loved something I had only known as a mother.
“I chose you,” Jesus said holding me tightly. “You are the one”. He spoke gently and softly “You are part of the plan, I need you”. “Before you were born I knew I would choose you,” Jesus said stroking my hair gently. “I placed two of my most precious ones in your care because I knew you would not fail”. He breathed deeply. “Jesus I am falling apart” I cried. “ That is why you are so special for the job, you are facing your fear”. Jesus replied. “You do not hide from the pain or ask why. Only that I be with you.” His words meant so much to me. My Jesus believed in me and for the first time in so long I did not feel alone, in his arms I wanted to stay forever. I looked up into the eyes of my lord. There was no place more peaceful and loving than this time I was having with him now. Jesus brushed strands of hair from my face and smiled. “You will feel pain and you will feel alone. You will cry a river of tears. You will love and you will be loved. You will live and you will die, just as I”. He said, kissing my forehead gently with his lips. Sighing I looked down. He put so much faith in me, this man who stood before me, who died for me. Raising my chin again to look in my eyes he said “ trust in me”. I knew I would not let him down. I had come this far.
Silently we walked some more hand in hand. Then Jesus turned once more to me “your children will guide you and from them you will find strength, they are my gift to you.” He said. “You will shine through their eyes”. I looked away and realized we were at my front door. Looking into his eyes, we embraced for one last time. I rested against his chest wanting to remember this time forever. “I will always be with you” Jesus said. I held him tight. This man gave me love, like, I had never known. He did not ask me to change or be different. He did not criticize or make selfish demands of me. Jesus did not judge me for feeling scared or different. He trusted in me. He helped me to see my strengths and trust myself. He helped me to see all that I was meant to be. My fingers slowly slid down his back as I drew a deep breath. I stepped back to look at him one last time, his beauty captivating me. I knew we would be together again someday. For now, I was needed here, with my sons. He had helped me to find my strength and trust in myself. He knew me so well when I needed him most he came to me.
It was snowing again and the wind began to pick up but I still felt warm. Jesus turned to walk away and looked back at me for one last time “ I love you” he called out to me. I smiled I was someone beautiful and special because of him.

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Comment by JUAN PEDRO ARBULU on February 1, 2010 at 10:19pm
Rita thank you for posting this.
Comment by Amy Sienkiewicz on January 30, 2010 at 10:15pm
He is definitely my strength! Thank God for what He has done for us and that He chose us to be parents to these wonderful boys! I am so thankful to know this life is temporary and our boys will be running forever in Heaven!

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