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With a lot of effort on Lucas' part and on our part for breaking things down for him - Lucas got all A's on his report card.

We have been told several times in the past to not focus our time on
Lucas' learning - just let it go. I am so glad we didn't listen to those
folks and never gave up. Now albeit these straight A's would not have
been possible if we left Lucas completely on his own to do the work as
it was presented to him. I give huge accolades to Irma for taking the
huge amounts of time, dealing with the challenges, and never giving up
even though she was so tired at times to help out Lucas by breaking the
work down into manageable pieces that Lucas could work on independently
with minimal prompting.

This was both the boys first semester in online school and actually being measured with letter grades. This
program for us has fit very well for both the kids. Horatio, who does
not have DMD has become quite the independent learner and has quickly
transitioned into an individual who went through the motions to becoming
a fearless learner. With Lucas, who has DMD, this program provided the
ability for him to work at his own pace, for us to work school around
all the other DMD related appointments instead of having him completely
miss courses, and ultimately (and not without a LOT of work) allowed the
breakdown of the curriculum so Lucas could truly be independent with
his conceptual learning.

The school has worked with us to improve the amount of work in that last piece so this semester will hopefully
allow Irma to be able to regain some sanity in her schedule.


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