Just 11 hours left until the car comes to pick us up for Sam's Make-a-Wish Disney World trip. To say he, and the other two, are excited would be quite the understatement. I'm just hoping they all get a little sleep tonight. I'm still trying to make sure I have everything packed. I've got my checklist. I seem to be doing well, but I can't ever shake that feeling that I'm forgetting something. Ah well, guess there's always a Wal-Mart around the corner for just that reason, right?

Today is also an emotional day because it was 3 years ago today that we got that fateful phone call from our pediatrician. We'd had his blood draw the day before. The call was to tell us that his CPK was over 32,000. And then exactly one month later, on July 7th, I got the call from Dr. Wong that his genetic testing had come back positive for Duchenne.

But we're fighting on and enjoying every day to it's fullest. I'll be sure to post mass quantities of pictures and tell you all about our trip when we get back in a week.


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