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Hello, I am posting here to try to find some kind of help for my mom and dad. As you can see from my profile, I am facing many challenges here and need some guidance or advice. I'll give the background first. My brother is 22 and according to Florida laws and statutes, he does not qualify for any in-home assistance. He only had Medicaid and neither of my parents have health insurance so that is all he has. And as we all know, Medicaid pays for the minimum necessities needed to accommodate my brother (wheelchair, Hoyer lift, Bipap, Cough assist and that is basically it). They state that he does not qualify for the Medicaid waiver because he is over 21 and he is mentally sound and does not need any assistance, although he is unable to care for himself and relies 100% on someone else to basically in order to thrive on a daily basis. My mom works part-time and care for my brother the entire time she is home, not to mention my dad works 12-14 hour days 7 days a week and is never available to help. This leaves my grandmother who is 75 who also lives with them to help out. Which she doesn't care to do and it "too old" as she puts it, to be dealing with having to care for him. Now this leaves me, which I am in pharmacy school and need to focus on my studies, but yet I feel torn because I know school is important, but keeping the family together is important too. One part of me feels guilty when I don't help out, but another part of me says I need to do what I need to succeed in my own life. This is the crossroads I am at and I would appreciate anyone offering any advice or who I can turn to for help. Not even the MDA foundation will help, which is ridiculous and I wonder where all the money goes from all the donations given, they are of no help and I feel like the state is basically saying it too bad. I am very confused and upset with the whole thing!! Please help!

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Comment by MarcosDad on October 17, 2008 at 11:57pm
They are full of doo-doo!!!

"The Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver program assists low income adults (18 through 59 years of age) who have one or more permanent physical or mental limitations that restrict their ability to perform one or more activities of daily living."

If he was alone can he make his own food and eat it? If not I would think that would count as a permanent physical condition that restricts him to perform a daily activity, an important one at that. I guess that didn't count as a restriction? That's why it's b.s. if someone can't eat or cloth themselves that is the quintessential definition of being disabled.

Consider appealing and getting an advocate.

Here's a site that has some info on what is available for adults with disabilities in florida...


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