I didn't have a moment to spare today. Started the day at 6:00. Got Brad on the bus by 7:30 and then Ben dressed and delivered to pre-school at 9:15. Since I didn't really have time to go home before my 10:00 appointment, I stopped at a coffee shop and had a delicious hot chocolate and read my devotional for today. I'm glad I took time for that.

My 10:00 appointment was at church with my pastor. Our church is huge so I had never really talked to him for any length of time but I wanted to talk to him about my faith in God as it relates to the future and DMD. I am still thinking about our discussion and will write about it another time. But, he was very kind and understanding. He prayed with me for Brad and all the kids who have DMD and I felt much better when I left.

After that, I had just enough time to get to the YMCA to meet Brad's class for their swim class. It helps the teachers if a few parents come to assist the kids with changing into swim suits and then back into their clothes. Each kindergarten class in our district gets 12 free swim lessons at the Y. Isn't that great! I'm really happy about it because it gives us a chance to see if Brad would enjoy swim lessons and time in the pool if we join the Y. That is really the only reason we would join the Y - to give Brad access to a pool a few times per week. He has enjoyed it very much so far.

Then I grabbed some lunch and it was time to pick up Bennett. I have never been late picking up Bennett, but he is always the last one in his class. All the other moms must pick up right at 12:45. I'm more of a 12:55 person. I kind of like that though because he starts telling me about his day right away and his teacher can help fill in the gaps. Since he is only 2, he doesn't use complete sentences yet and it is fun to hear and watch him try to explain things. Tree (with a hand gesture), apple, cracker, meatballs, eat it, all gone, milk too. That translates to we made an apple tree using our hand and ink pads for our craft today. We had crackers for snack. I ate all of my spagettios and drank my milk at lunch. He also had Kindermusik at school today. It was his first class and he did great. He loves to sing so I wasn't surprised. I'm very glad that he enjoyed it.

Next, we drove home and Ben fell asleep on the way. That was good. I gathered the things we would need for the rest of the day. Packed snacks and a cooler. Grabbed jackets and a change of clothes for both kids - just in case. Picked up Brad early from school at 2:10 and then headed for Concord to his first Therapeutic Horseback Riding class. (Ben slept through the entire pick-up process - and about halfway to Concord so he got a good nap). The riding class was great! Brad loved it! They did lots of good stretching and it was just plain fun. He looked so cute in his little white helmet. It is a long way to Concord (1hr 45min) but it was worth it to see him have that much fun and know it was good for him too. Hopefully in the spring we can get him into a program closer to home.

We left Wings of Eagles Ranch at 5:10. Traffic was ok but then we had to stop at McDonald's for dinner. After dinner, traffic was terrible. I'm going to try an alternate route home next week. Hopefully, Brad didn't over do it today. I will be glad when swimming lessons are over in 2 weeks so he doesn't have both things on the same day. We didn't get home until 7:55 and then it was time for baths, stretching and bed for the kiddies.

I was so happy that The Office was on and 30 Rock too. My two favorite sitcoms. I was too tired to stay up for the last episode of The Office though. At 10:30 I was beat. Ben woke me up at 2:45 and I wasn't able to go back to sleep. So, I'm doing this. I think that I just didn't have time to process everything that happened today while it was in progress. It all happened so fast.

It was a hectic day, but it was a very good day.

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Comment by Sharyn Thompson on September 14, 2008 at 1:54am
Lisa, wow what a day!! What a wonderful day! Sorry I haven't replied to your email - with all the excitement about our move to London in the next few weeks I don't manage to get on much. I promise to write you an email very soon.

Sharyn x
Comment by Dee on September 13, 2008 at 12:11pm
ahhhhhh...has anyone ever told you that you have the "super mighty mom" syndrome? Yes!! there are many of us with this syndrome....& perhaps even if in denial, still one to be proud of when you think of it. Safe hugz!

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