Today is Brad's birthday and he is now 5 years old. I have been reminiscing about that night/early morning when my first-born came into this world. Everything went pretty well except that I was in labor a long time without really progressing and wound up having a C-section anyway. Brad had a giant head - enough said. Anyway, he was beautiful and perfect - 9 lbs. 13 oz. 21 inches long. And just like that my life changed and I was his mom.

I didn't know that my life, his life, our whole family's life would change on November 6th, 2007. But I'm not thinking about any of that this week-end.

We are going to Carowinds in the morning for his birthday because he loves to ride amusement park rides and today is all about Brad! On Sunday, we will have his birthday party at The Little Gym with his cousins and some friends from pre-school. I hope Carowinds is not crowded at all and we get to ride the flume 4 times in a row without getting back in line because that is Brad's favorite ride. I hope he loves his party and doesn't want to stop playing even to eat pizza and cupcakes. I know he will love his VTech VSmile video game. It's his first video game. He loves to play it at the kid's salon where we get his hair cut. I have been looking forward to this week-end all summer and I think we are all going to have a blast!

I should go to bed now. Have to get up in a few hours to begin the Birthday Celebration week--end.

In about 5 minutes at 1:25 am my boy will be exactly 5 years old. I am going to kiss him while he sleeps because he is and always will be my beautiful, perfect baby boy.

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Comment by Sharyn Thompson on August 25, 2008 at 4:13am

I hope Brad has a happy birthday. I know birthdays can be a little bittersweet for us, as parents, because it means they are growing up too fast and time is precious, but as you have pointed out it is all about our perfect little boys and we have to make each birthday special and memorable. I hope he has a wonderful wonderful day!


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