Ok, here is another poem I found. I know many of you out there have not faced fulltime use of a wheelchair yet or are making that transition now. There are also many of you who like my son and our family the wheelchair has been a part of your life for awhile now. Either way - this poem is a good one and sheds a little light on the benefits of wheels. I sometimes think how hard it must have been years ago before the invention of Power Wheelchairs. They do become our boys "car" and allow them to still participate in so many activities.

My New Set of Wheels
By Darlene Uggen

There you stand, and I see you stare
Thinking, poor dear, she’s stuck in that chair
But I’m not sad, I’m very happy because
I haven’t forgotten the way it was.

You’d say, “How about a trip to the zoo?
A walk in the park would be good for you”
I was thinking tomorrow, I’ll be a wreck,
From my aching feet, to the pain in my neck.

You’d want to go shopping, all over town,
I was thinking but there’s no place to sit down.
For you it’s a snap, just to go to the store,
But for me the ordeal was more of a chore.

Now I can go wherever I please
I can shop in the mall with newfound ease,
Do all the things that have to be done,
And even go out and have some fun.

So, do you want to know how it really feels,
To be sitting here between these wheels?
Can you remember back that far,
When you got your very first car?

Well, that’s how these wheels feel to me,
They don’t hold me down, they set me free.
So, don’t think all those pitiful things:
These aren’t wheels, I think they’re my wings.

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Comment by Ana on August 7, 2008 at 5:45pm
Wow!! I love that poem!! My son is just about to get his first chair. We are very excited. Right now, he says he doesn't want to take it to school, but I'm sure he will once he gets it. Thanks for this poem, I'm going to make sure to show it to Austin.

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