I have a feeling my 7 year old tossed his tennis shoes because I can't find them. He told his grammy they went on vacation to California. He has gym class tomorrow and I had to buy new shoes. I feel very fortunate that my son can run pretty fast and will play coach pitch again this year. He picked out the shoes he wanted and ended up with the first pair he tried on. After I finished paying he said I'll be back...I had my head down putting change away and I looked up at the girl and said did he go outside....next thing I here...him running as fast as he can down the middle of the store yelling wow, these go really fast. He ran from the back of the store to the front... When we got into the car, he told me he wants to run the 5k with his cousin next year. I told him I would have to see what the Docs say...but I didn't think they would think it would be a great idea. He smiled the entire way home and ask if he could run home and I said with a laugh,,,sure...well we were about 200 yards from home and he started crying, let me out, let me out, I want to run..I said what, on the road?? He said yes.........so I let him..Keep in mind, live in PA,,,cold, about 7 inches of snow and live on a semi busy street...I called dad and told him to go immediately to the front door. Thank god no cars were behind us or coming towards us as it could have been very deadly..(if the police would have noticed, I would probably be in jail and my son with CYS)...but I had to let him do it....he had the time of his life running in his new shoes and I had the time of my life watching him!

Enjoy the moment

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