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Vent Part VIII

I thought “Not again” two nights ago. My new 950 vent started giving me extra breath, not accelerated like the Trilogy had been doing, but enough to keep me awake, only when I was on my right side. Most likely because of the way the tubing hung at the bed’s side. Two skinny tube sensors, which helps the vent adjust to the air leak around my trach. My respiratory therapist said if these sensors are upside-down it would cause the machine to think I needed a breath. There are issues being…


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Vent Part VII

Another unwanted episode of ... "As the Vent Breathes"

I started having a problem last week with my Trilogy 100 vent. My doc (pulmologist) wanted to get to the bottom of it gave me 5mg of Ambien.

My options 1) get used to the Trilogy 2) try an LTV 950– already tried the LTV 800 and was used to it 3) put in cuffed trach (requires minor surgery – this I surely want to avoid). It’s been quite a challenge finding a new vent. The LP10 had been such a reliable machine for years.…


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Vent Part VI

Norco was the respiratory care supplier my nursing agency recommended. A call was made to an RT at Norco by the name of Rebecca and she called back. An appointment was made but being canceled due to inclement weather it was rescheduled a week on 12/1/10. Rebecca came with a Trilogy 100, a compact, blue box for me to try. First she went through some paperwork which involved my medical supplies. Then tubing was hooked up and Rebecca dialed in similar vent settings as my LP10. The sensitivity…


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Vent Part V

Come to find out it wasn’t the insurance dictating what vent I’d get, but my vent equipment supplier, Lincare. Laura had informed us in October that Lincare getting out of the vent business and so they were not taken on new vent patients, nor were they not purchasing new vents. Thus whatever vents they have around were the only ones to choose from. So they had only the LTV 800 available. Since I wasn’t comfortable with the LTV and mom saw my frustration, along with Laura, it was decided to…


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Vent Part IV

12/7/10 It had been a frustrating experience using the LTV 800 ventilator for me, my mom and nurses. The sensitivity setting being #1 on my list—it just didn’t have the range to my comfort. At zero, I couldn’t trigger an extra breath. Turning it down to -1 was okay while I was upright, but when reclined the vent starts to cycle breaths fast, thus we turn it back to zero. The other con required 3 power cords: 1 A/C adapter and 2 external battery charger adapters (which are suggested to be…


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Vent Part III

Later that afternoon, Laura held an in-service at my house for all my regular agency nurses to learn the vent. Done. Now it is my turn to feel comfortable on the new vent. A couple days later, I decided to go on it for a few minutes. With some vents there’s a breathing sensitivity setting (called “Patient Effort” on LP10’s) in which I can trigger the vent to initiate a breath. This helps if I need an extra breath. Especially it helps me to talk without too much of a delay in speech. Instead…


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Vent Part II

The next step was to visit my pulmonologist who was required to sign off on the new vent settings. I was scheduled to see my pulmonologist anyway. So on 10/21 we went to my appointment, where we met Laura my RT. Inside an examining room Laura started to setup the LTV 800. One problem, she needed to use the tubing from my LP10, which I was…


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Vent Part I

Intro: We’ve been in the works of getting me new ventilators for over a year. The insurance company no longer wanted to pay for service on the two LP10 vents that we own (this wasn’t totally the case as you shall soon see). I’ve been using, Lincare’s, my supplier of respiratory care, rented LP10’s, which they can still get serviced. This is only…


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