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CFAH's Review of the Benefits of CBD for Muscular Dystrophy

As a passionate advocate for safe, effective natural treatments, I often receive questions from readers about which CFAH sites are reliable sources for CBD information, education, and reviews. After my own research on CBD reviews and ratings, I have determined that there are only a handful of such sources online that provide objective, scientific information. But in spite of this limited pool of CFAH sources, I've discovered many useful resources to help make sense of this ever-changing and…


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Never give up and forward with love

By YaoBaoYu(English Name:Tom Yao)

All life is different. Everyone is unique. Unique individuals interweave to form a colorful human society. Everyone has his own story, there are too many unknown opportunities and challenges in the journey of life.There are good times, beautiful sceneries and there also are difficulties and rough.Encounter difficulties is unavoidable in the life, no one knows what difficulties they will encounter, but how to face the difficulties, we can choose the…


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New Blog

Hellow! Everyone!

This is my new blog.I am glad to write blog and communicate with other people on the PPMD's community site.Let me introduce myself simply.I come from China.I am an adult DMD(meaningless point mutation) patient and I am also a psychological consultant.I have many hobbies,and like make friends with other people.So feel free to add me.We can talk about different topics and interesting things.Nice to meet you!…


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Capricor Announces New Pre-Clinical Study Finds Repeat Doses of CAP-1002 Lead to Enhanced Exercise Capacity in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Disease Model

Capricor Therapeutics has announced that researchers found that repeat dosing of the company’s proprietary cellular therapy, CAP-1002, yields an increase in exercise performance in a disease model of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the mdx mouse. The upcoming HOPE-2 clinical trial will test the safety and efficacy of repeat doses of CAP-1002 in boys and young men with…


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PPMD & NIH to Host “Contractures in Duchenne and Other Neuromuscular Conditions”


PPMD and NIH are convening a group of more than 60 researchers, post-docs, neurologists, surgeons, industry partners, physiatrists, and physical therapists on April 19-20, 2018, who have experience and expertise in the development, prevention, and management of contractures to discuss these critical issues. 

We just don’t know very much about…


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Solid Biosciences Provides Update On SGT-001 Clinical Development Program For Duchenne

Solid has provided a letter to the community with the latest news on their halted IGNITE DMD program due to a serious adverse event experienced by the first patient dosed with SGT-001. While the patient continues to do well, Solid has been able to successfully resolve the previously-announced partial clinical hold on the planned high dose of SGT-001 in IGNITE DMD, which was due to manufacturing-related questions from the FDA. While encouraging, IGNITE DMD remains on hold until they…


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Pfizer Doses First Patient Using Investigational Mini-Dystrophin Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

PPMD is thrilled to learn that Pfizer Inc. has initiated a Phase 1b clinical trial for its mini-dystrophin gene therapy candidate, PF-06939926, in Duchenne, with the first boy receiving an infusion of the mini-dystrophin gene on March 22, administered under the supervision of principal investigator, Edward Smith, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at Duke University Medical Center. Screening and enrollment of patients is expected to continue at up to four clinical…


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70 Members of Congress Send Letter of Strong Support for Duchenne Priorities for Next Year’s Budget

We are pleased to report our final numbers for the FY19 letters.


In total, 19 Senators signed onto the Senate FY19 letter, joining 51 members of the House. That makes a solid 70 members of Congress (House and Senate combined) sending a strong message of support behind Duchenne research, public health, drug development, and patient support initiatives. They provide strategic direction for the federal agencies that touch Duchenne. Given the…


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Roche Restarts RG62026 Phase 2/3 Study

Roche has provided an update to the community announcing that they have restarted recruitment of RG6206, an investigational anti-myostatin adnectin, in ambulatory boys with Duchenne. PPMD will be hosting a webinar with Roche in the coming weeks and we look forward to learning more.…


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Why is Bone Health Important?

Just like a house needs a stable frame, your body needs a stable skeleton. Bone health is important for anyone living with Duchenne, whether walking (ambulatory) or those no longer able to walk without the assistance of a wheelchair or scooter (non-ambulatory). People of all ages living with Duchenne have weak bones, especially if they are taking steroids…


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End Duchenne Tour Recap: Grand Rapids, MI

PPMD was excited to head to the Midwest for the second stop on the 2018 End Duchenne Tour. The event took place at Western Michigan University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in partnership with Team Joseph, Little Hercules Foundations, and Noah’s Feat.…


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Center Directors Publish Collective Statement Regarding Patient Access to Approved Therapies

PPMD is proud to announce the publication of a collective statement regarding patient access to approved therapies from the center directors of our Certified Duchenne Care Centers.

There are many ongoing treatment trials for Duchenne and of…


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[WEBINAR] What is a Master Protocol?

PPMD fights to end Duchenne for every single family. As part of our mission, we believe that we must continually work to identify and explore innovative opportunities that may accelerate the drug development and clinical trial process, getting effective therapies to individuals with Duchenne as quickly as possible.

Many of the families in our…


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Santhera Shares Duchenne Community Update on SIDEROS Trial

Santhera has provided a community update, including the latest news on their SIDEROS trial, currently recruiting. Click here to view the update.…


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Sarepta Therapeutics Announces Launch of Route 79, The Duchenne Scholarship Program

Sarepta Therapeutics announced the launch of Route 79, The Duchenne Scholarship Program, an annual scholarship for students diagnosed with Duchenne. The Route 79 program is designed to help students with Duchenne pursue their post-secondary educational goals. Scholarships of up to $10,000 will be awarded to 10 individuals chosen by an independent committee of Duchenne community members based on an applicant’s…


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Solid Biosciences Announces Clinical Hold On SGT-001 Phase I/II Clinical Trial For Duchenne

Solid Biosciences announced that the FDA has placed their Phase I/II clinical trial for SGT-001, IGNITE DMD, on Clinical Hold following a serious adverse event that occurred in the first patient dosed, a non-ambulatory adolescent. The patient was admitted to the hospital, received treatment, and is home with his…


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ADD YOUR VOICE: Participate in PPMD’s Gene Therapy Survey

Patient-Focused Drug Development in action

Companies developing gene therapies, the FDA, and other stakeholders are interested in the treatment priorities of the Duchenne community.  Because of this, PPMD has collaborated with RTI International, with financial support from Solid Biosciences and…


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Roche Shares Update on RG62026 Phase 2/3 Study

Roche has provided an update to the community regarding the paused recruitment of RG6206, an investigational anti-myostatin adnectin, in ambulatory boys with Duchenne. The company hopes to restart recruitment in the second quarter of this year.

Read the update from Roche: …


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Duchenne Pulmonary Awareness Video Series

Pulmonary management in Duchenne (all of the care involved with breathing and coughing) can be confusing and difficult to understand. There are many terms, abbreviations, and procedures that all sound very complicated. PPMD – with support from Santhera Pharmaceuticals and input from a panel of parents,…


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