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Accessibility & Recreation

Funding opportunity


Advocacy Agencies

  • Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy (VOPA)
    1512 Willow Lawn, Suite 100
    Richmond, VA 23230
    804-225-2042 (V/TTY)
    804-662-7057  FAX
    800- 552-3962
    E-Mail: info@dLCV.org

Department of Education

  • Division of Special Education and Student Services
    Department of Education

    H. Douglas Cox, Assistant Superintendent
    P.O. Box 2120
    Richmond, VA 23218-2120
    800-422-1098 (TTY)


Early Intervention Services (Infant and toddler)

  • Office of Mental Retardation Services
    Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services
    P.O. Box 1797
    Richmond, VA 23218
    804-371-7959 FAX


Early Intervention Services (Ages 2 to 5)


PTI (Parent Training and Information Centers)

Health and Well Being

  • Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support Waiver
    This program provides support services to individuals over age 6 who have developmental disabilities.   Eligibility is determined by a screening for Levels of Function.  Medicaid Financial Eligibility is based on the individual, not the family's income.  There is a statewide waiting list.
    Information from the ARC of Virginia
    Child Development Clinics

  • Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction (EDCD) Waiver
    The EDCD waiver provides services to help individuals live in their home or the community instead of a nursing home.

  • Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP)The Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) administers two Medicaid programs that may reimburse part or a participant’s entire share of the employer sponsored group health insurance premiums. These programs are known as the Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP) and HIPP for Kids. All applications are first evaluated for HIPP for Kids (HFK’s) and then HIPP, if applicants are not eligible for the HFK’s program. This insures that applicant’s circumstances are fully reviewed and every opportunity for eligibility is granted.


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