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Accessible Places to Live

Choosing a place to live is complicated for families caring for someone who is disabled. Considerations include public transportationaccessible schools with a good reputation of helping disabled students, as well as how convenient and accessible are local business, especially service related such as barbers, salons, restaurants and places for entertainment. Living in a community means more than having a place to stay, it also means being able to fully participate in all the amenities alongside non-disabled peers.

Accessible Places to Recreate

Taking time to explore, relax and enjoy your surroundings for families affected by chronic illness is as important, if not more so, than for anyone else. Choosing a place to visit requires additional research for people who use mobility aids and their families. From an afternoon at the park to a week’s holiday in another community or resort, being able to fully enjoy the experience depends accessibility and on how prepared staff are for people with mobility impairments.  

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