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Single mother of 2, full time college student & bartender
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5month old daughter, Mariah. Son, Michelangelo, with a partial duplication including exons 2-47.
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  • Mirtha

    Hi Leresa ... My son has a deletion of exons 45 to 50 . My husband and I are still very unsecured about starting him on steroids but I also understand it's the only medication that has demonstrated that can delay progression . The only reason my little one got diagnosed at this age its becuase every time I has brought him to a specialist for the last 3 years to see why he would not do certain things doctor would tell he was fine he was just not developing at a normal speed , until I found a video in youtube with a kid with DMD and in him I saw my son . for now my Nico is healthy , having difficulty running and going up the stairs . How is your little one doing ? I found some supplements here that you can look for and maybe other parents can comment too . Those are Protandim and Idebenone . Best of luck . My personal email : mirthareyes1@aol.com