Adolescence (age 7-12)

  • Garrett Rodes,

    We'll be staying at the Children's Inn at the NIH in Bethesda, MD June 15 -18 if anyone nearby would like our boys to meet. Our son Garrett is age 7. - Ronnie
  • Wendy St.Geme

    Nathan is age 7 w/ DMD. We are looking for other families that live in Sacramento CA, that we can connect with.
  • Donna Gluck

    I have written on several other groups on PPMD groups. I amlooking for volunteers for my research project. I need boys with DMD to draw a picture then tella story surrounding emotions. I willask his mother toanswer 4 questions about her experience. The data will be confidential and private. Thanks for considering! Donna Gluck
  • danielle

    hi i have a son jacob that is 7. i am looking for parents that know where we are in the dmd.

  • Staff


    PPMD has launched a program – Risk/Benefit in Duchenne Therapies – to help inform the FDA and other government agencies, biopharmaceutical companies, and others about the treatment priorities and risk tolerance of the Duchenne community.

    We’ve had a great response to our first survey, with more than 90 participants so far, but need a few more before we close it tomorrow.

    If you are a parent or guardian of a child who is able to walk some, but is having a lot of difficulty, please consider taking our survey before 9 PM eastern tomorrow.

    Thank you for your participation!

  • Amber

    My son is 6. He is missing exons 48-50. I am trying to reach out to people in the Iowa area.
  • Cathy Johnson

    Does anyone have a health aid in school that you employ (vs. the school district)?  My rising 5th grader goes to a private school that is requiring him to have an aid in order to return to school next year.  I'm scrambling trying to find someone and then find someone to pay for it.  The small school is good for him and I want to stay there if at all possible.


    Hi, my friend is actually having the same situation as you. Her son is also going into to the 5th at a private school. She decided to hire one of her relatives.
  • Cathy Johnson

    I'm interview home health aids for the first time.  Does anyone have any advice?  The aid will accompany James to school.  This is all very new to me.