Adolescence (age 7-12)

  • As things progress...

    Hi there. My son is 9 1/2 years old and we are definitely seeing a progression. Stairs are becoming more and more difficult. Getting up from a sitting position, walking uphill, running.....all becoming much more of an effort. While walking, he has developed that "chest out, shoulder's up" stance.…

    By Nicole Fry

  • Is this quick decline normal?

    My 10 year old is definitely in the transitional stage.  He started using a mobility scooter in January.  At first he had so much more energy and was like a different child.  Since those first few weeks, however, he has actually gotten weaker.  He can no longer sit up in bed, slide to a chair,…

    By Cathy Johnson

  • Reply to quick decline

    Hi Cathy - my sons are 10 & 8 - I haven't seen any rapid decline like you are describing. I am so sorry!

    By Katie

  • Talking to younger siblings about DMD

          I have a 11 yr old son with DMD and he is no longer walking, my 5 yr old is starting to ask why his brother can't walk. Does anyone have any advice on how to explain this to him in a way that he will understand?

    By Vanessa Harpole

  • Instant Messenger/iChat

    I was just thinking...are any of your sons doing the iChat or AOL instant messenger thing yet? Brady is just beginning to show an interest & I thought it might be kind of cool for them to be able to communicate that way. We have the video thing on our Macs too, so that could be even more fun...…

    By Patty Sherman

  • DMD Parent Fights Back

    Hello All,Next week I will be attending my second PPMD conference in Philadelphia, but this year will be different for me. My 7 year-old son, Garrett, is slowly losing the ability to walk and it hurts me dearly to see how he struggles so I'm fighting back with a plan to raise several billion…

    By Garrett Rodes,

  • Flowing Little Hormones

    So we were at a wedding last night with our boys, and our youngest had a hell of a good time running and playing chase with the other boys. Alex was looking kind of down, and says to Cheryl, "Mom, I thought there were going to be girls to flirt with." I have no idea where he got that idea, but…

    By Paul Cliff