Virtual Run to Benefit Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

My heart sister Stacy Zamora and I are thrilled to announce the launch of our virtual 5k run to benefit Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy in honor of Stacy’s five year old son, Alex.  The cost to participate is $25, and if you’re fundraising for Run For Our Sons, you will receive a fundraising donation of $5 for each person you refer (including yourself!)

The phrase “virtual run” is a bit deceiving.  You do actually need to get out and run/walk/wheel your way across 3.1 miles.  The difference is that you choose your course, the time and your pace!  You can break up the distance over a few days and there’s no need to worry about your pace.  Sixteen minute miles?  Nah…any speed will work for us.  Look like rain?  Stay inside and keep those feet dry!  You can use a treadmill, walk the mall, anytime, anyplace.  This is truly your race.

So, what do you get in exchange for your $25?  You get a beautiful, shiny, sparkly (because everything’s better with sparkles!) three inch finisher’s medal, complete with bragging rights.  You will receive a genuine race bib (personalized if registered before November 24th, personified if registered after).  The best part of all is the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get knowing that all proceeds after our actual costs will be donated to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

Although I do not have a child with DMD (my son is actually battling leukemia), I am passionate about finding a cure.  No child should have to sit on the sidelines of youth.  No parent should have to watch their child decline.  We need to find a cure.

Ready to sign up?  Click right here:  Questions?  Shoot me an email:

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    Laura Pita

    Thanks Andrew!  Wow...-13C.  Stacy and I live in South Florida, and even though I lived up north for most of my life, I can't even fathom running in temperatures that low!  :)
    Andrew Kerr said:

    I'm in... just hoping it warms up a bit before then.  Today it's about -13C (9F) outside.

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    stacy zamora

    Thank you so much, Andrew.
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    Andrew Kerr

    Not my best 5K time, but it was pretty slick out there with temperatures hovering just below freezing, so I had to slow down a bit.  It was nice to get outside and run though, as opposed to being stuck on the treadmill all the time.

    Runkeeper said it was only 4.95K but when I planned it out in advance, it told me 5.1K.