As we all know California does not have a state budget.If the proposed budget passes and if IHSS is cut to $8.00 an hour how will this affect you son who receives care? Let's start a discussion


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I am sorry, but I am unaware of what IHSS is at this time. I know we have applied for Medical for our son, but good or bad, I make to much at this time.

I know right now we are in Merced county (not exactly San Francisco) and we have yet to have a physical therapy session for our son in the new community.

Please educate me more about what IHSS is, as I would like to learn more.

In Home Supportive Services is part of the Department of Health of California. It pays a caregiver or family member to do domestic services (laundry, house cleaning, appointments) also personal care. Although if you don't qualify for Medi-cal you probably cant receive this program. Please call your county to make sure.
Thank you for the information. I can see where the concern is about the cut to $8.00 an hour. I would think it would be hard to find reliable consitent help for that amount of money. It is not necessarly that people are lazzy, in fact I would bet that a lot of people that make this much are the oppisite in some cases. The problem I see isn't that they aren't good, but keeping them for any real amount of time. I would think that people making this amount are trying to better themselves so they can make more money (not do something better perse, but if we are honest, most people work for the money).

I am not sure what the answer is, as the state is talking about laying off 20,000 people (what is scary is California is one of the top 20 economies in the World, and they are going through this issue). I am torn for these people as this may be the only money their family brings in, yet I want more money for research and care for our DMD families. I want to respect everyone's opinion, so I am torn on what to think knowing that people may be in shelters, yet I want the state to fund more for families with DMD help. I am not excited because I know how much I make, and dumb funded how we are not able to get things like medi-cal for my son (health insurance is outrageous), but then I turn and realize at least i have a job to take care of my family (more than a lot of people right now). I know I will have a different perspective 5 to 10 years from know when the economy has turned around, and at that time I will have no problem saying where is the money for DMD, but right now...


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