Anybody out there have any ideas on how to go about this with a non-ambulatory boy? They're not scheduled to go until this spring so we have some time to think about it. Brady's been to MDA camp six years now, but this is a little bit different & the school has never had to deal with a wheelchair before I don't think.
Any suggestions from those who've been there are very much appreciated!

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I just saw this post, so maybe you already have it all worked out, but I wanted to share that Andrew went to Outdoor School (what it's called in our school district) in October and had a great time! I don't know how close the camp is to your home, but Andrew's was an hour away, so we took him and picked him up each day (it was four days) for the first three days and then he spent the night the last night. My husband spent the night too (in a separate cabin) so he could be there to get Andrew ready for bed and get him up in the morning. Andrew drove his scooter all over the camp (and got dirt in the battery compartment, so we had to replace the battery, but it was worth it). I went with him the first day, and his aide from school was able to go with him the other days. I had to fight for Andrew to be able to stay in the cabin with the other boys (the school wanted him to stay with his dad for safety reasons, but they eventually agreed it was important for him to be with his peers). I believe Andrew was the first student in a wheelchair to attend in our district, so I felt like I was fighting to set a precedent for all kids with disabilities to be included. I have to say that the camp staff and the teachers from the school were wonderful (it takes a special person to want to be with pre-teens overnight for a week), but the kids impressed me more than anyone with how they included Andrew, so it was a great learning experience for all of them in many ways. Hope this helps and that Brady is able to go and have a great time!
A good way to introduce your world into the world that needs to be educated about people who live their lives daily in a wheelchair......way to spread awareness, open peoples eyes so changes can be brought about. And if they aren't handicap accessible then this will be their wake up call to get updated.....the only way changes can take place is for families in our situation and other disability situations to show how we live. Use this chance given to you to make a difference, it is 2009 the world just got a black president ( only because they weren't ready for a woman president yet ) the world needs to better adapt for the, many places are still not accessible today, espically bathrooms.
Use this chance as a tool, a channel to show the world your world!!!!!
Keep your chin up and if there are areas you know need improvement so your son can enjoy 6th Grade Camp, speak up!!!!



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