Hi everyone its been a while since I've posted anything but I'm really feeling down and sad for my son not sad has in pity but has in why him and I wish I could take dmd away and make normal like he says, a few days ago my son was playing with my next doors neithbore son he doesn't have dmd so they were inn my house playing videos game and I over here the little boy tell my son that if he doesn't play what he wants or does what he says he won't by my sons friend anymore so at that moment I dint say anything but after he left I sat down with franky and I told him that a true friend would not say things or make him do thinks that he doesn't want to do and franky response to me was yeah mami but if I don't do what he says he won't be my friend and yami I don't want to hurt he's feelings " so then I asked my son but what about your feelings did he hurt your feelings when he said that to you and he said yeah but I just don't want to lose my friend and its okay if he hurts my feeling least I won't be alone then he keeps telling me that the other time he was teasing him cause he was running faster then my son and when he told him that he was tired he started laughing at him, I have tried to explain to my son that he is not a friend if he does that and that he shouldn't play with him anymore and that I will speak to hes mother my son began to cry cause I was going to make him mad and that he wasn't going to have a friend anymore please any advice on how I can make my son understand that what the boy is doing is wrong? I don't ever want my son to feel that he has to do things just so he has a friend I don't want him to be a follower I want him to be a good leader.

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I just replied to this but it disappear.

My son Christopher went through the same thing when he went to school. He had no friends. Some of the kids picked on him and teased him (one even pushed him to the ground) because he couldn't walk that good. He couldn't wait to get out of school. Now that he is out of school. ..he does nothing but play video games. Still no friends. I cry because he hurts so much and he tell me so. I want to get him a counselor but he won't see one unless they can make him able to walk so he can go on the beach. I'm depressed to say the least...so is he.

Sounds a lot like franky he plays video games all the time and it hurts cause you can see the sadness and the loneliness. I try to play with him but is no the same he tells me he wants kids he's age to play with him all he wishes for is a friend he says and that breaks my heart I just wishe I can make the sadness go away , I also been thinking about taking him to a counselor but hes very shy and doesn't like being around people he doesn't know.
how old is ur son ? Is he your only child? Hope u don't mind me asking .
Christopher is very shy and doesn't like being around people either. He is 22 ...will be 23 in Nov. He is my only child but he does have a stepbrother who is mean.
Wow I'm so srry to hear step brother is mean.. my son is six he will be seven in December and he also is my only child.. how do you do it? is just sometimes it feels very overwhelming especially when I see him so sad and lonely...

Hi, my name is Aspen, and what you, Jessica, and Chris's Mom, have described is alot what we have gone through with my 9 yr old Jake. Jake does have 2 brothers, but he's still a 'flat screener' as I call it. He has a computer and an Ipod. I'm not so sure whether or not Jake is affected socially by the DMD on a genetic level or if he could be 'on the spectrum' with regards to autism. Jake has no real friends at school and he gets into trouble at school with inappropriate behavior like making funny noises while the teacher is instructing to the class. Jake's older brother is jealous of the attention Jake gets for having a disability. His younger brother acts like he is not 'able' to walk as much, just like Jake. Thankfully the 2 brothers do not have DMD. I want to suggest if you have not tried this: Find a MDA kid's camp for the up coming summer. Jake went for the 1st time this summer and had a blast! He didn't want to come home! Each kid had his or her own counselor assigned and the camp that Jake went to had all access activities and it lasted 5 days, 6 nights. We are so looking forward to this again. He really liked being around other kids that have similar challenges. Also going to meet ups in your area helps you as a mom of a DMD child and for your son to meet others. Friendships can be fostered. I wish the both of you the best of luck. I'm a very shy mom especially with my hearing loss, but I'm so glad to be a part of this forum and out and about with the DMD community. We are not alone ; )  


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