This is an assistive loan fund for people with disabilities in the state of MI. The loans are low interest and payments can be spread out longer to make the repayments more affordable for families to pay. You can contact Leah March at 517-203-1200 for an application.

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This Fund will help with:
- Van lifts, wheelchair Tie-Downs, and other conversions up to a max. of $5000.
- Home wheelchair ramps up to a max of $2000.
- Air conditioners max. of $500
- electrical service upgrades up to a max. of $1000
- Therapeutic Specialty Tryclycles (the Rifton tricyclcles & Adaptive Recreational Equipment - max $1500.
- The CSN Fund will consider any request submitted: however requests for items over $5000 or of
an unusual nature will be reviewed by the CSN Fund Advisory Committee.
To be eligible to receive help from the Children with Special Needs Fund that I listed above you have to be currently enrolled in Children's Special Health Care Services.
For info. call 1-800-359-3722
This org. provides grants nationwide.

What are the grants?
The grants provide financial relief for families who have children with medical needs not covered or not fully covered by their commercial health benefit plan. The Foundation aims to fill the gap between what medical services/items your child needs and what your commercial health benefit plan will pay for.
How does the grant work?
If a grant is approved by the Regional Board of Directors for your child, the grant will help pay for approved medical services/items after your commercial health benefit plan submits payment, if any. The grant funds are not paid to you or the child outright - you work with the Foundation on submitting invoices/bills for approved medical services/items after your commercial health benefit plan submits initial payment (if any) to the health care provider (see graphic to the right).
How do I apply for a grant for my child?
First, review the information contained on this page to make sure you understand what the grant is and how it works. Then, review our application criteria and application checklist. If you meet the Foundation's criteria and have all the items listed in the checklist, then you can apply for a grant online by clicking on the button below. Note: When you click on the button below, you will see an animation. You must go through the entire animation. After the animation you will be asked some automated pre-screening questions. If you pass the pre-screening questions, you will be offered the full online grant application.
Reaching out to all Michigan families in need, the Children's Therapy Fund helps pay for high-quality care by leading experts in all pediatric disciplines. Direct grants issued by the Fund help assure that as many children as possible have access to the diagnostic and therapeutic services they need to reach their full potential.

To fund physical therapy services for children to promote physical development and growth and to treat movement dysfunctions
To fund occupational therapy services for children to promote life skills development and classroom success
To fund speech and language services for children to help them communicate effectively and to provide a solid foundation for academic and social success
To fund vision therapy services to help children with visual dysfunctions succeed in academic settings
To fund hippotherapy to provide children with the opportunity to grow physically and emotionally
To fund other innovative pediatric programs that enhance the quality of children's lives
do you know any program's that help with travel, even though it's a trial? how about to get a house in michigan?
I don't know of any that will help with travel expenses Sarah. Check this out for housing:


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