I'd really like some young men or older parents to tell me about any experiences with operations requiring anaesthetic you have had for surgeries at 20+ years of age.

I'd especially like to know if anyone has had appendix or gall bladder removed via keyhole or other surgery.

The surgeon can tell us the best and worst case scenarios but I would appreciate knowing the likely scenario. On the one hand, there is a worst case risk of not coming off ventilation after surgery even though my son seems to be just on the threshold of there being no concerns because his FEV1 scrapes through. In my mind he is assessed every 6 months in a sleep unit as not needing bpap. But of course he is never going to be any better than now in a respiratory sense, so there is the worry that in a future attack situation where there may be no choice but to operate, the risk of remaining on ventilation after surgery would be even greater.

It is a tougher decision for us in Australia where long term invasive ventilation is frowned upon and medicos will make quality of life decisions based on public care expenses in my experience.

Thanks for a comment if anyone has any experiences of operations beyond 20 years of age or with youths who have an FEV1 of around the 1 litre?

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