do any of my Florida neighbors know of any financial assistance given for handicapped children that isnt based on the parents income? I have hit the wall several times trying to get assistance for Daniel, but my above poverty level income and money in a retirement account always seems to stop us in our tracks. I have heard that in other states, they are given what is called a level 1 waiver that is based on the childs income and worth instead of the parents.

Has anyone had any luck of getting any kind of financial assistance for their boys?

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No, I do not know of any assistance given for us in florida...I just got disability after losing just about everything in this economy. Would rather be making the money we were! Its very little. CMS Childrens Medical Services can help with some things medical.
We were denied assistance as well. Even with me not working, they considered my husbands income was too much. However, they did approve my son for medicaid, which we do not even use since my husband has great insurance through his employer. We have tried, but have hit a brick wall instead. If I find out anything new, I will let you know. Good luck.
Hi Windy, my son Nicolas is 3 yo, how did you applied for the medicaid for your son, did you got thru dcf, did your Dr a note. Please advise. Thanks

I have tried for medicaid .also for SSI(for my son) but got denied for both as my income is above the set level for qualification.After being denied from many other state agency for family and children I have finally given up.I will really like to know any change so I could start back on it again.


We have finally gotten Medicaid for Daniel.  It has taken me, losing my job, for it to happen.  I am working on getting help ( of some kind) from CMS Childrens Medical Services. I will keep everyone posted if it works out as it seems, with contact information.


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